what films has vin diesel been in

Actores de Gasoil’s stature do voiceover work para games all the time.

Early Life

Vin Gasoil was born Mark Sinclair en el mes de julio 18, 1967, in Alameda County, California. He hecho en fraternal twin brother named Paul. He estado arraigada en el New York City por su aniquila Delora y su stepfather, Irving Vincent. Gasoil’s first role was at age seven in the children’s play «Dinosaurio Door,» que se genera en Theater to the New City in Greenwich Village. He disfrutado su parte after he and brother and some friends broke in theater with plans to vandalize it. The theater’s artístico directivo discovered them y proponen them permisos en la upcoming espectáculo instead of calling the police. Gasoil remained involved with theater throughout las childhood and teen years. He went to college en Hunter College en New York City en study creative writing.

Gasoil’s first largo role was uncredited appearance en 1990’s «Awakenings.» En 1994, he wrote, producido, directed, and starred in the short largometraje «Multi-Facial.» The semi-autobiographical largometraje sobre struggling multiracial actor y las auditiones procesas eran elegidas para la imagen de Cannes Largometraje Festival en 1995.

Furious 7 (

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